Earn money by car renting

AUTO.rent service allows you to rent out a car for daily rent in any city. No fees or additional charges.

We work for


Car owners who allow their cars to generate income instead of standing in a garage.

Car rental companies

Companies that prefer not to waste time searching for customers, but to rent cars through the trusted service.

The benefits of the service

Free registration

Free car storage

No Commission


How to start using the service?

Please register in the system

Fill out the registration form or log in using your VK, G+ or Facebook profile.

Add to the system your car, which you plan to rent out

Choose qualitative photos, specify characteristics and features of the car.

How does the car rental service work?

Customers find your car and reserve it.

At this point you will receive an email with the client's contacts for communication and rental contract conclusion.

Contact the client and sign a contract. We do not take a commission, all the profits remain with you.

List your car

What else do you need to know about car renting?

You can determine the amount of deposit and the rental price on your own.

Using the service is completely free of charge. All the profits remain with you.

Our managers will help you at all stages.

Your data is protected, customers see only the necessary information: photo of the car, its characteristics and the rental price.

We work in collaboration with

If you have any questions, please contact us at 8-800-770-7355
We will be happy to assist you!

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