If you received a penalty fee from the video fixing center for the rental period, no need to call the renter and demand payment. Make sure you have all the documents (a copy of the rental contract, the Act of Handover) and direct to the video fixing center. After that, the renter must pay the fine he received. If you pay the penalty fee yourself, and only take money from the renter, the paid fine remains in your name. This can badly affect your reputation in the traffic police database. If you have any problems, please contact our managers.

We strongly recommend you to insure the car against the risks according to CASCO. This will help to get compensation in case of an accident, if the renter does not responsible for the accident. In this case, the renter does not bear any financial responsibility and you return the deposit in full. If the renter responsible for the accident, he will pay for the car repairing minus the deposit. Describe in details these points in the contract.

It is almost impossible to completely insure against scammers. Sometimes the car is left in the city, it has been stolen or the driver just does not get in touch. If you do not find the renter and the contract has been expired, do not delay and contact the police.


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