How to rent a car?

Car reservation

You can reserve any car free of charge on, you should write your phone number and email for communication.

Deal and list of documents

Chat to discuss rental details. Go to the deal with the necessary list of documents. After signing the contract, choose a convenient payment method.

Price and deposit

From the list, choose a car based on the price and the amount of deposit. The amount of deposit depends on the class of the car.

Enjoy the ride

Then you enjoy the trip in the rented car, do not forget to return it to the place and at the time specified in the contract.

Try it - it's easy

Conditions of rent:

  • Reserve a car using order form
  • Chat to discuss rental details.
  • If the information on the site is not enough, you can preview the car
  • If you wish, you can extend the rental period
  • Inform the owner or the rental company about desired date of the car return.
  • If the owner agrees, change rent terms in the contract and continue to enjoy the rented car.
  • You can always express your opinion about a car, leaving review to share your own car rental experience.
  • When returning the car, the fuel level should correspond to the number of liters, as in the contract.
  • You must cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before the start of the rental period. You can do this on the website, in your personal account.

Where to pick up and drop off rental car

Where to get and return the car, you agree directly with the owner or with the rental company.

Take care of others ' time and don't linger, inform about being late.

The exact time of return is specified in the contract.

If you return the car after the specified time, the owner may impose fine.

Price and discount system

The cost of car renting must be paid after signing the contract with the individual or with the rental company.

Discounts may be provided at the discretion of the owner and may be discussed with him personally. The deposit is paid in addition, the amount of deposit depends on the selected car brand. does not charge a commission for the transaction.

Upon the expiry of the rent term, if the owner has no claims to the condition of the car, minus defects specified in the contract, the deposit is returned. Deposit non-return cases.

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