We strongly recommend that you register all cases of non-return of the deposit in the contract.

Here are a few situations in which the owner can withhold the amount of deposit partially or completely.

  • Accident caused by the renter
  • External damage of the vehicle
  • Technical breakdowns of the car during the rental period
  • Car transfer to a third party
  • Return of the car after the time specified in the contract

In case of the accident on the rented car, which is insured against the risks according to CASCO, the owner of the vehicle receives compensation if the accident occurred not through your fault. In this case, you will get your deposit back and you will not financially responsible to the owner.

If the car is damaged and you are responsible for road accident, the deposit will not return. After assessing the damage, you must pay for the car repair. Make sure that these items is indicated in the contract.

  • Make sure that no one is injured in the accident. If necessary, call an ambulance.
  • Contact our managers, we will help you to understand the situation. If you are not responsible for an accident, we will help you to find a new car.
  • Call the traffic police at the scene of the accident.
  • Prepare a rental contract, an Act of Handover and your driver's license.
  • Make the appropriate certificates to provide them to the owner.

All received fines will be automatically issued to the car owner. It is strongly recommended not to exceed the speed limit, do not cross the solid, do not create emergency situations and so on. This can badly affect the reputation of the car owner. If the owner informs us of the incident, we will send a copy of the rental contract and the Act of Handover to the video fixing center. After that, you will need to pay the fine

In case of a car malfunction or complete breakdown on the road, call the owner or the rental company immediately. Tell us in detail about the incident and give your coordinates.

Our managers will help you to choose a new car at any time, please call the hotline.


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