Car rental - the first step to freedom of movement

The main task of the company is to make such a service as car rental available throughout Russia and other countries.

Today we work in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities in Russia, daily increasing the number of offers from individuals and companies on our website.

For renters

  • By contacting us, you get the opportunity to rent a car, both from our own fleet of vehicles and from the fleets of our partners, or provided by a private person.
  • To use the rental services, you must have valid driver's license and passport.
  • When you make the contract, it often includes a deposit amount.
  • Our main task is to make car rental as accessible as possible for all people, both citizens of Russia and foreigners. Today this service is not widely distributed, especially in small towns. We offer cars of different class and price category. It is possible to order a car to a convenient place (for example, a railway station or airport).

For owners

We do not take a commission from rent and we cooperate, both with legal persons, and with physical persons. If you are the owner of a car park or a personal car, then rent it out with the help of our service, you will receive a stable additional income.

Our advantages

  • We do not charge commissions from our partners and customers. For this reason, our prices are lower than on aggregator sites.
  • Coverage area of the service is not limited to tourist centers and million-population cities. Thanks to offers of rent from local car rental companies and private car owners, you can rent a car in any small city and even in a suburb.
  • We have a selection of cars of completely different classes and brands, including minivans, crossovers and executive cars. This allows a client to choose the car he needs.
  • We have no strict restrictions on the rental period, payment method, mileage and travel outside the city.
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