Hyundai Creta

Price per day

47 $/day

For 3 days

141 $

Total price

141 $

After confirmation of the reservation, our representative will contact you to clarify the details of the rent and the method of payment.


12.12.2019, 13:35


15.12.2019, 13:35


Vehicle features

Automatic transmission


Car types



50 $


Without driver

Description will help you rent a car Hyundai Creta in the city Yakutsk at a price 47 $ per day. Also discounts are possible depending on the duration of car rental.Hyundai Creta is given with a deposit 50 $ in the body offroad, with the following characteristics: mini, automatic transmission, fuel type: gasoline. Car supply is possible. AUTOentent provides fast and convenient car rental in Yakutsk for all its users.

Information from the owner

Условия аренды: стаж от 3-х лет, пробег 150 км/сутки.
• ABS;
• ESP;
• Подогрев сидений;
• Повышенный дорожный просвет;
• Автоматизированная КПП;
• Парктроник (задний);
• Электрообогрев стекол, зоны стеклоочистителей и форсунок;
• AUX, Bluetooth, USB;
• Мультифункциональное рулевое колесо;
• Усилитель руля.

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